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Halloween costumes don't have to be limited to the real world this year. The Fatal Frame franchise is turning its efforts away from the risqué alternative character costumes of the past. Players can now unlock Princess Zelda and Zero Suit Samus attire as a bonus to their horror experience in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Nintendo released a short gameplay video with each of the girls moving around in their alternative costumes, as seen above. Miu Hinasaki struts her regal stuff in Zelda garb while Yuri Kozukata can be seen exploring Mt. Hikami as Samus. It is unclear whether or not these costumes are character exclusive based on the images and video.

The exact method to unlocking these costumes hasn't been officially released, leaving fans wondering if the outfits are found in-game, as the series has done in the past. The word "unlockable" most likely indicates the fans won't have to download the costumes separate from the game in the Nintendo eShop. While there's no word on Fatal Frame amiibo support, there's a small possibility that players unlock the outfits through their amiibos, as seen in Super Mario Maker. There has been no news on additional outfits, Nintendo-based or otherwise.

From Exploitation to Inspiring

This new type of fan service turns away from the bikini costumes of previous Fatal Frame games. Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven generated plenty of news buzz not for its scares, but for its questionably sexy content. The bonus outfits were by no means a game requirement, but the mere option set some players back.The content verged on erotic, leading fans to criticize a bonus option that took away from the game's mood. It seems that distracting does not equal scary. Horror films did not prepare me for that.

In comparison, Nintendo's new costumes follow a recent pattern of the company to expand the appeal of a handful of less popular games by utilizing unrelated but iconic franchises. The change may have been encouraged in part by the bad publicity gained in pursuit of the former sex-appeal method for Fatal Frame

Princess of Hyrule, intergalatic bounty hunter, or neither? 

Capturing ghost shots in swimwear certainly seems odd, but Zelda's royal dress at least provides some extra skin protection. Admittedly, I wouldn't want to be caught running for my life in either option. The added benefit of playing at legendary princess status simply doesn't come with underwear alone, though.

Some fans would argue that the Samus attire possesses its own sex appeal, given the skin-tight body suit. I say battle-ready armor shouldn't be compared to Victoria's Secret newest lingerie line. Samus' outfit is made for comfortable, free movement. I desire nothing less when visiting infamous Japanese horror locations during the witching hour. Which I obviously do frequently, so I would know.

Whether or not the new costumes ultimately take away from the player's frantic jump scares or add some fun to gameplay is up to the individual fan to decide.

The game itself launches on October 22nd. The title will be a digital exclusive for the Wii U in North America and can be purchased for $50 through Nintendo's eShop. For those wary of commitment, there's also a free downloadable trial version that includes the prologue and first two chapters of the game. Europe will have a limited retail release.

So who's up for some horror cosplay action? Are there any Nintendo characters you would like to see referenced in Fatal Frame? Share any and all opinions in the comments below!

Gorgeous Zero Suit Samus Cosplay done by Vlada Lutsak Fri, 04 Sep 2015 02:30:02 -0400 Courtney Gamache

Popular cosplayer Vlada Lutsak pulled off a gorgeous Zero Suit Samus cosplay that resembles the Metroid concept art perfectly. Pulling off the powerful female character with justice, Vlada's cosplay represents what Samus is about; strength.

Perfecting timing for the amiibo

It's unknown if Vlada Lutsak knew the Zero Suit Samus amiibo was for pre-order at Target debuting on September 11th 2015, but her cosplay is coming to light just in time for the special amiibo release. The anticipation with the Samus amiibo release is expected to interact with the Super Smash Bros. game that is on the Wii U and 3DS. 

Aside from her cosplay resembling the Metroid game, it's an exact model to the Zero Suit Samus character in Super Smash Bros., including small details that the high-graphic game shows perfectly. Other spotlight cosplays

There are numerous other games that have cosplays representing them, but most recently was Amiko-chan's "Cosplaying from Below the Vault; Fallout gets real", giving an accurate representation to how a vault dweller's life would be. This also came in perfect time for the fall release of Fallout 4 that has been gaining a huge amount of hype. 

What do you think of Vlada's Zero Suit Samus cosplay? Do you think its a valid representation? Share your thoughts below on these cosplay gurus. 

Exclusive Toys R Us Bowser Jr. amiibo and 5 other amiibos release on Sept. 11th Thu, 03 Sep 2015 10:26:04 -0400 Courtney Gamache

On September 11th 2015, Toys R Us will be debuting their exclusive Bowser Jr. amiibo for purchase. For this specific amiibo trekking it over to the local Toys R Us will be required because it won't be available online, only in store and while supplies lasts.

You're not alone, Bowser Jr.

While the Tweet went out yesterday for the debut of Bowser Jr., there are several other amiibos that will be unveiled for sale on September 11th as well from their other retailer, Target. Included in the list of new amiibos are:

  • Dr. Mario
  • Ganondorf
  • Olimar
  • Zero Suit Samus
  • 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo

Already for Pre-Order at Target

Unlike their friend Bowser Jr., all the amiibos listed have already been available for pre-order at Target for the cost of $12.99 each. While they won't be compatible in every game, the possible compatibility games are listed below:

  • Super Mario Maker
  • Mario Party 10
  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS 
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Any plans to purchase the new amiibos? Which ones are you looking forward to most? Share your thoughts below on the amiibo market and what ones you expect next!