Florida Pokemon Go Players Encounter a Wild Wrinkles the Clown

Wrinkles the Clown is out in Naples, Florida to catch them all. Pokémon Go players beware.

It is undeniable that some strange things have been happening since Pokémon Go has been released; gamers going outside for longer than an hour at a time, people jumping into tiger cages to capture Pokémon, Veterans clashing with teenagers about the game etc. It now appears that one of the capitals of weird, also known as the state of Florida, has something to add to the mix: a 65-year-old clown named Wrinkles is stalking the players.

Wrinkles is both famous and infamous in Southwest Florida for being paid by parents to stalk their unsuspecting children in order to scare them. There have been various news articles in the past, but now Wrinkles is showing up where people are hunting Pokémon, lingering ominously in the background of various shots with their phone, allegedly catching Pokémon.

Image Credit: Games Rant

The clown is known for scaring misbehaving children into behaving for their parents or else “Wrinkles the Clown” will get you -- and thus far it has worked. It’s almost become a staple of Naples lifestyle to see this clown stalking children around bus stops, and it’s welcomed rather than reviled.

It appears now he’s either out hunting for Pokémon himself, banking off the app's popularity to drum up business, or he’s stalking the children playing Pokémon Go to make sure they’re safe like some sort of caped crusader. Whatever the reason, Wrinkles is out there and he might be there to catch them all.

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Published Aug. 11th 2016

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