Final Episode of ELEAGUE's Tekken Team Takedown Focuses on Grand Finale

The final episode of ELEAGUE's Tekken Team Takedown is set to feature drama-filled thrills -- and an inside look into the tournament's penultimate match between Team Cuddle_Core and Team Pokchop.

There's no doubt ELEAGUE's Tekken Team Takedown was one of the most exciting fighting game tournaments to have aired on TBS since the league began broadcasting FGC-centric competitions in 2017. There were surprises, action-packed upsets, and electric personalities pulling unbelievable Rage Arts from start to finish. And although we all know who came out on top, ELEAGUE's TTT feature series has shown us some truly incredible behind-the-scenes footage and player interviews over its last three episodes. 

Now, all that drama comes to a conclusion this Friday, April 6 with Team Takedown's final episode, which focuses on the tense showdown between Team Cuddle_Core and Team Pokchop. Airing at 11 p.m. EST/PST on TBS, the episode will not only recap for viewers how Team Cuddle_Core rose victorious in this historic Tekken tournament, but it will also show how players prepared for and reacted to the penultimate match -- one that is sure to go down in Tekken 7 history. 

The fourth and final episode will also feature expert commentary by Tekken World Tour guru Reepal "Rip" Parbhoo, as well as match analysis and player interviews. If you've been watching from the beginning, this episode is definitely a must-watch. 

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Published Apr. 4th 2018

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