Where the Heart Leads Unveiled During PlayStation Indie Day

Where the Heart Leads from AAA developer Armature Studios gives one man a chance to change countless lives — for better or worse.

Sony pulled a surprise PlayStation Indie Day out of the bag, and Where the Heart Leads from Bayonetta + Vanquish developer Armature Studios was one of the reveals. Where the Heart Leads is a narrative adventure with a complex script said to rival the most in-depth RPGs, and it'll release July 13 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for $24.99.

One night, Whit Anderson lowers himself into a sinkhole to rescue his family's dog. Whit almost dies in the process. Instead of being pulled out of the sinkhole, he's pulled back in time and gets a chance to relive his life in a surreal, dream-like world.

Here, all Whit's life choices come back to face him. Whether he's handling arguments between friends or advising his partner what life course to take,

Todd Keller, Armature's director, said:

The lives we lead are tangled — countless unseen threads chronicle our story. Where the Heart Leads tugs on these knots, inviting players to reflect on where they’ve been, where they’re going, and what’s most important, even when life is frightening and the road uncertain.

Whit has the chance to do everything differently — and potentially never see the life he knew again as a result. We'll be keeping an eye on this one, so stay tuned.


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Published Mar. 17th 2021

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