Magic The Gathering: Looking Back at 25 Years of Awesome Card Art

Invasion Dragon Legends

  • Set: Invasion
  • Artist: Carl Critchlow and others

Years after the Legends set, we finally got a new crop of dragon legends with slick new art and a revamped style. Each dragon switched to 6/6 from 7/7 and ditched the constant upkeep, but retained extremely powerful abilities if used properly.

Even though you can't have more than one in play at a time, you could build whole decks around these concepts. Rith, The Awakener was always my go-to multicolor deck dragon, resulting in an absurd army of 50+ 1/1 saprolings in play at the end of a match that grew exponentially each turn.

The dragon legends didn't see the end of their saga here, though, with new versions arriving in the Kamigawa, Planar Chaos, and Fate Reforged sets.

Published Mar. 5th 2018

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