Release date and amiibos announced for Monster Hunter Stories

Capcom announced the release date and three Amiibos for the Monster Hunter Stories spin-off.

Monster Hunter Stories, the highly anticipated spin-off of Monster Hunter, will have three new amiibo figures compatible with it.The successful Capcom series spin-off for Nintendo 3DS will come out in Japan on Oct. 8.

Two of the amiiibos will be the male or female protagonist riding a Rathalos and the other one will be Nabiru, an adorable Felybe and the protagonist’s sidekick.

Scanning the figures will unlock a special in-game Otomon, which are one of the central elements of the game. These “monsters” can share a deep bond with the protagonist. If the bond is deep enough, then the protagonist may ride the Otomon into battle to perform powerful moves.

Having Monster Hunter Generations already saved on a 3DS will unlock an additional Dinovaldo costume for Nabiru.

Monster Hunter Stories will have a different look than the series did, and will focus a player’s attention on the perspective of a Rider rather than a Hunter.

The actual role of the amiibos in the game at this point is unclear.

Published May. 27th 2016

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