Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – All Great Hyrule Forest Korok Seed Locations

Where to find Korok Seeds in the Great Hyrule Forest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Great Hyrule Forest doesn’t have many Korok Seeds compared to other regions on the Surface. And for the Seeds it does have, none of them are in the forest itself, as you’re about to see in our complete list of Great Hyrule Forest Korok Seed locations.

All Great Hyrule Forest Korok Seed Locations

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  1. If you look under the wooden platforms, you’ll find an acorn hanging down. Break it with an arrow.
  2. Stand by the pinwheel to spawn balloons, then use arrows to pop them.
  3. There’s a wooden structure to the south with a Korok Platform on top. I used Ascend instead of climbing up to it, and then you need to reach the light circle before time runs out.
  4. Head to the little island and lift the rock there to find Korok.
  5. Go in the building by the lake and look for the acorn, then break it for a Korok Seed.
  6. Dive from the cliff into the lily pad circle.
  7. Use Examine on the sparkles moving around the trees.
  8. Here there are statues with empty bowls in front of them. Place a Mighty Banana in each empty bowl to complete the puzzle. After you get the Korok Seed, you can take the Mighty Bananas back.
  9. Reunite the Korok with its friend. Since this starts at the top of a hill, I used a Zonai Cart as my vehicle base.
  10. Here you’ll find a Korok Plug and a Zonai Rocket isn’t too far away. Put the rocket on the loose end of the plug and launch it to get the Korok.

And with that, we’ve gone over all Great Hyrule Forest Korok Seed locations. Check out the rest of our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides here on GameSkinny. To find out how to get all the TotK Korok Seeds, peruse our other Korok Seed locations:

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