The Last of Us' Final DLC Detailed In New Trailer

Fans of The Last of Us have a bit more content to look forward to in both Factions and a new single-player difficulty.

With the announcement of The Last of Us coming to PS4, you may be debating whether to grab the new DLC for Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed PS3 swan song. From all that we know, every DLC pack will included as part of the PS4 port. However, if you can't keep yourself away from Factions or have been looking for an excuse to go through the campaign one more time, there's something for everyone in the final support drop.

For multiplayer, there will be four new packs.

Two sets will include four new perks a piece (including faster level navigation and being protected from your own bombs), one set will include four new weapons (including a silenced assault rifle and a bomb launcher), and the final pack includes four new maps. The new maps are all based on locations in the campaign, such as the coal mine from the Winter chapter, the city hall setting from early in the game, the shipping houses from the start of the game, and a map set near Bill's town set around a water tower.

Why Sony has chosen to divide the DLC for individual purchase in addition to offering it all as a bundle is unclear, but hopefully they will price each piece cheaply enough that it won't cost players too much if they have to buy it separately in their region. There's also one more piece of DLC for single-player fans in the shape of Grounded Difficulty Mode. There are few details given, but it should give even those who survived even the most treacherous TLOU scenarios a real challenge.

How do you feel about the new DLC? Do you think Sony should continue supporting the multiplayer? Does Grounded Mode sound like something that would get you playing the campaign one more time? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published May. 5th 2014

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