Little Smilko - Fine Monacle and Tasty Pork!

Smilko makes his debut!

Hellom my dear fellow Tyrian explorers.  

Many things can be said about the Asura. They are greedy, selfish, smarter than all the other races. True facts. That said, some are also noble. Meet the noblest of them all: little Smilko.  smilko

The less than a year old Smilko, proud member of the college of the dynamics, is here to make his adviser Blipp proud. By day he's usually farming the LA Boardwalk, but by night he's spying for the old Order of the Whispers and battling pigs.

battle that he may deliver the finest pork ever to the good people of LA!

His armor
  • Head: Monocle, dyed with Illumination and White dyes
  • Shoulders: Aetherblade shoulders (Not shown for the purpose of looking awesome)
  • Chest: Aetherblade chest dyed in Midnight Ice, Blood and Illumination dyes
  • Gloves: Aetherblade gloves, also not shown
  • Leggings: Aetherblade Leggings, Midnight Ice, blood and Illumination dyes
  • Boots: Aetherblade Boots, Midnight Ice, Blood and Illumination dyes

saluteTo all of you fine people out there:  /salute

Published Aug. 3rd 2013
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    And now I want BBQ ;)
  • Murigen
    Definitely got that noble look down and I am lovin' the Chef outfit XD.
  • Pallas Athene
    Looking dapper!
  • Gwylen
    You sir, look most regal :D I'm loving the monocle :D

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