Win an island by entering the Just Cause 3 contest

No, you're not misreading any of this. Win an island for blowing stuff up!

No, you didn't read the title wrong at all. This is an actual contest being held for the upcoming game, Just Cause 3.

The contest will begin on December 1st, and in order to win this totally random island, you're going to have to grab the Day 1 Edition of Just Cause 3 and start racking up Chaos Points. In order to grab these points, you'll have to blow things up and basically cause as much chaos as possible as creative as possible.

The contest is open to anyone of 18 and older and will end on the last day of Feburary (that being Feburary 29 due to leap year), so you'll plenty of times to blow up as much as possible. For those wondering where the island is shouldn't even try asking Square Enix. Not even they know! It's said it will be valued up to $50,000 so it's definitely worth trying to win this random island.

For more on the official rules, you should check out the official website. Below is the video of the contest.


Published Aug. 25th 2015

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