Joseph Ocasio's favorite games of 2015 Part 1

8. Forza Motorsport 6

When I first got my Xbox One, I never had any interest in racing simulators. Playing only arcade racers like Mario Kart, Need for Speed, or Split/Second, I never had the time or patience to really get the hang of them. After receiving an Xbox One for Christmas, I decided to give racing sims another shot with Forza Motorsport 6...and fell in love immediately.

Everything just started to click with me. The game is incredibly accessible, letting you take off the training wheels at your own pace. It also features the most varied and detailed selection of cars, tracks, and upgrades I've seen in any racing game. And it easily has the best car handling in game. 

Add the Drivatar AI that learns from your races, plus the ability to increase the difficulty and aggression of your opponents, and you will have a fair challenge. It's one of the most fun experiences I've had with a racing game, and worth picking up if you have an Xbox One.

Published Jan. 8th 2016

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