Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V Goes Next-Gen in June

Might one of 2013's most acclaimed titles make the jump to a new generation in June?

It's one of the most popular and acclaimed titles of the previous generation, so how's about bringing it to the new generation?

While analysts and industry insiders have predicted that Grand Theft Auto V would eventually launch for next-gen consoles, nothing is official. However, according to The Arab Gamer citing a Czech Republic gaming site, maybe an announcement is right around the corner.

The leak in question centers on a date: June 13, 2014. That's supposedly when GTAV drops for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Gamers have been petitioning to get Rockstar's latest masterpiece on PC, and they may soon get their wish. Unfortunately, as long as Take-Two and Rockstar are mute on the subject, this is nothing more than an exciting rumor.

It wouldn't be surprising, but perhaps the date is a little closer than anticipated. It might also make more sense to release the updated next-gen version of GTAV closer to the holidays. As for the PC iteration, that's probably inevitable; just a matter of time.

Would you replay the spruced-up version?

If you already played and completed Grand Theft Auto V, would you want to play it again? Would the enhanced visuals entice you? Or, would you need a bunch of extra content you didn't have before? If you didn't get a chance to play GTAV, are you planning to wait for it to launch on the new platforms?

Published Feb. 2nd 2014

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