ARK: Survival Evolved Arriving to Nintendo Switch in November

The popular survival ARK: Survival Evolved, arrives on to the Nintendo Switch in November.

If you thought something was missing from your Nintendo Switch experience, it was the fact you couldn't tame a T-Rex on the go. However, that's changing in little more than a month. 

ARK: Survival Evolved is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch on November 30. The announcement comes with a live-action trailer you can watch above.

In the survival game, you'll work your way from using stones and spears to equipping your tamed creatures with expensive laser weapons to destroy any foe standing in your way.

There's plenty to do in ARK: Survival Evolved, and with the Nintendo Switch you can stay as mobile as possible. You can take your dinosaur-taming, survival-building adventure anywhere you go. 

You can pick up your copy from Nintendo's eShop for $49.99. For those new to ARK: Survival Evolved, we have plenty of guides and helpful articles for you to browse through to help you get started. Just check out our Ark: Survival Evolved guides page for more. 


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Published Oct. 26th 2018

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