KickStarter Cuteness!

You need a piece of this cute game!

We have just released our new game on KickStarter! All Bunnies Eat Carrots, nicknamed ABEC, is quick to learn and easy to play. A great family game for up to 4 players! 

Players gather items, find bunnies, and initiate actions using the cards they’ve been dealt. There are 11 bunnies to find and collect, and each has its own needs and difficulty level. The higher the point value of the bunny, the more difficult it is to collect!

The first player to meet the needs of 3 bunnies ends the game and the player with the highest combined value of bunnies wins!ABEC Art

The game is all designed and we are ready to send it off to production! We gotta hit our minimum to get these games to you and when you back us, it lets us know our project is something you want and are interested in. 

We have more games in our burrow than just All Bunnies Eat Carrots as well! We have over 15 games in progress and are just getting started! We need your support to make these games a reality, and are so excited for you to be a part of Design Machine Games. Let us know you’re out there; pledge now and pass us along to your friends!


Published Mar. 25th 2014
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    As the owner of a 12 year old rabbit who is quite the picky eater, I can confirm that your game title is accurate. Cute idea! What would you say is the ideal age range for players?

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