The Indies vs. PewDiePie Game Jam: Twizard

Game Jam is underway this weekend, and RockitBit Studios is working on Twizard, a game that allows spectators to participate via Twitch commands.

The Indies vs. PewDiePie Game Jam began this weekend and many game projects are currently being made. One of them is Twizard, made by RockitBit. What makes this game unique? You as a viewer can manipulate the game with Twitch!

One person will play as Twizard, a robotic wizard who travels through dangerous dungeons. The viewers can use Twitch to manipulate spawn rates of enemies, information, weapons, and much more. The dungeons will change with every session, and the player will fight against classic 80's RPG-style enemies, as well as famous internet obsessions like cats and dogs.

The game is currently being made this weekend. RockitBit has its Twitch channel online most of the time, so you can see the development of the game in semi-real time. You can also expect some playtests soon.

You can vote on your favorite Game Jam entry when the weekend is over. The top ten competitors will get a Let’s Play video by PewDiePie himself.

You can follow the progression of the development of Twizard on Gamejolt here. You can also see them live on the RockitBit Twitch channel.

[Editor's Note: The author of this article is acquainted with the folks at RockitBit, but is not affiliated with the Twizard project.]


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Published Nov. 24th 2014
  • nudiepie
    hello how do you play games or create
  • Heiny Reimes
    Although I did not work on this title, I do know Rockitbit like most Indies at this moment create games with Unity. For this you also need knowledge of C#.

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