EU Player is the World's First to Max Out an Artifact Weapon in World of Warcraft

An EU player has maxed out all traits on his artifact weapon and it has only taken 4 months to do!

A World of Warcraft player on The Maelstrom-EU server, who plays a Death Knight called Cerli, has become the first person in the world to max out all the traits on his artifact weapon.

Artifact Weapons are a new addition to World of Warcraft which got introduced to the game in the latest expansion, Legion. The artifact weapon for the Unholy Death Knight spec is a two-handed sword called Apocalypse, and it has a total of 18 traits with a combined number of 58 ranks.

To unlock traits, players must collect artifact power from various items collected around the Broken Isles. In this particular case, Cerli would have had to collect a grand total of 65,256,330 artifact power!

Apocalypse - a Death Knight weapon that even Arthas would be proud of

Some find the daily grind for artifact power in World of Warcraft a chore and an unnecessary evil, but for others it is just another way to become the best. It has taken Cerli many weeks of running through Mythic+ instances -- at the last count he has run Darkheart Thicket 383 times, Maw of Souls 818 times, and Court of Stars 444 times.

We applaud his dedication to his character and wonder if he is now going to change spec and do the same on another of the Death Knight's artifact weapon.


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Published Dec. 9th 2016

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