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Average Number of Days From Lobby to Promoted

posted by (Contributor) 7 years ago

Hi there! It's my first time posting original content exclusive here at Gameskinny! My Review of Shadowrun: Hong Kong has been in the lobby for two days now. An Associate Editor gave my work a feedback and I did what was suggested and replied. After that I haven't had any news regarding the promotion of that review. I was wondering how long it usually takes for your article to be promoted or have news about it's future.

Thank you very much! Gameskinny looks promising because I really enjoy being part of a gaming community that publishes articles.

  • Stephen F. Johnston
    Featured Contributor

    *Usually* it takes only a few hours. I've let our editors know that your article was missed and they will get it as soon as possible, but certainly by Monday. Sorry for the delay, but I'll look into figuring out the hiccup.
  • Nolrac
    Thank you TiquorSJ! That's good to hear.

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