Elder Scrolls Online

The prologue to a series compiling the information about The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online is quickly becoming the most anticipated MMO of the near future. Combining both Elder Scrolls fans and the MMO community, Zenimax has quite a bit of reputation riding on a project this large. New information comes out on less than a weekly basis, and it can become quite a daunting task to catch up if you've been out of the loop for more than a few days.

In the coming weeks I will be taking the information we have so far and laying it out piece by piece so that those who want to get caught up can, and those new to the information will have a reliable source to use as a reference. Each post will have a topic related to one specific aspect of gameplay (i.e. Questing, PvP, Exploration).

Within the next few days I will be posting the first segment, and will continue to post material every few days, until we have caught up to where we are now. Beyond that point, posts can be expected once a week, keeping you up to date on any new news.

But for now, I am TheTreyStevens, you are you, and might I say; You're doing a fantastic job.


Trey Stevens is a Writer, Musician, and of course gamer.  He hosts a Radio Broadcast on Nordrassil Radio, and is a proud member of Guild Umbra. 


Vijemo Media is a Multi Media Entertainment cooperation based in North Dakota, but located worldwide via YouTube, Twitch, and GameSkinny. Live Music, DJ, Karaoke, Design, and Audio Production.

Published May. 30th 2013

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