Super Animal Royale: Where is the Secret Lab

Find out where is the Secret Lab in Super Animal Royale and unlock the unqiue Lab Coat oufit using this guide.

Super Animal Royale is full of surprises, and the biggest one yet is the Dr. Dogna's Secret Lab, which can be found in a hidden location on the map. This place gives players a unique Lab Coat outfit and an achievement. Our guide will show where is the Secret Lab in Super Animal Royale.

The Secret Lab can be found inside another location in the Super Saharaland. You will have to solve a simple puzzle that will lead you straight to the lab with Dr. Dogna. Once you're there, you will unlock the outfit and the achievement.

Secret Lab Location in Super Animal Royale

First, you need to choose the Super Pyramid as your place of landing, which is not only a great source of loot, but also the location of the Secret Lab.

The pyramid has three entrances, and the best one in this case would be the southern one.

Once you land in the C4 sector of the pyramid, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you are alone in the pyramid
  2. Go to the southwestern corner of the pyramid
  3. Stand on the pressure plate to open the safe room
  4. Enter it and go upwards
  5. Step on another pressure plate to open to the upper door
  6. Enter this new room with the sarcophagus in the center
  7. Interact with the sarcophagus to unlock the lever
  8. Pull this lever to unlock the Secret Lab

Once you're inside the Secret Lab, you will be greeted by Dr. Dogna, who will reward you with a brand-new Lab Coat outfit.

Remember that you need to either win the match-up or let your team die if you want to keep the reward. Otherwise, you will lose your outfit will need to start over again.

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Published Sep. 6th 2021

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