Predicting Alolan Form Pokémon

Primeape - Pinkan Berry Primeape

A reference to another episode of the Orange Islands series, a number of pink Primeape and Mankey were spotted in the unfortunately named Pokémon episode "In the Pink" had an island filled with pink colored Pokémon. The pink color was actually caused by a berry called "Pinken Berries", and while they didn't change anything other than a Pokémon's natural color, it makes for an interesting concept similar to the design choice of Alolan Raichu looking similar to Puka from the episode "The Pi-Kahuna."

With some obvious design changes aside from simply making it pink, I think that a pink Primeape would make for an interesting Fighting/Fairy combination. The lore would be similar to the Pokémon anime episode with the alteration that long-term exposure to the berries changed the Primeape species' typing. It also helps that an overwhelming majority of the Pinken Island Pokémon seem really happy for some reason.

It would also be pretty cool to see a Fairy/Fighting typing, given that there are none as of yet.

Published Aug. 16th 2016

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