The Taken King continues to take... money

After a year of promises and content, we continue to be taken as fools.

Destiny is at it again, ready to take all of our cash in return for a slim amount of content which we should already have owned and been playing.

Before Destiny launched, we were shown game content through every avenue--articles, press releases, video previews, and mailbag reports--with the expectation that it would be in-game at launch. You purchase your basic copy of Destiny for $60 ($120 if you started on the 360 and moved to the One) and have limited access to the worlds you were promised. Don't be mistaken--it is all there in code, but you had to wait for Bungie to unlock it by purchasing DLC: Dark Below and House of Wolves each for $20, or together for $35. Your tally is now up to $95 or as much as $180. Another $40 added to either of those total for our Comet/Taken King expansion/DLC as well as another $20-$30 for two more DLC that already said will be released after Taken King releases. 

So you're at $150 to $250 for a nowhere-near complete game. 

Destiny has had a extremely rough launch due to bad connections, error code after error code, missing promised launch content, and just in general piss poor quality from a company who has brought us flawless titles. The game itself along with both DLC has been a complete flop compared to the hype that was brought on. 

Now we are told if we want to continue this fight in Destiny we must buy a DLC costing $40.

This DLC giving us just about the same amount of content as The Dark Below gave us for twice the cost. The last time I saw a $40 price tag on an expansion for a game, it made my current game a whole new game. Gave me vast new worlds/lands to visit, hundreds of new gear and weapons. I pretty much had equal or even more content than the original game came out with from its launch. 

Even Rockstar, after its $60 Grand Theft Auto 5 launch gave us 10 more DLC/Expansion pack for its game. All 100% free. They had a rough launch just like Destiny and Halo: MCC. But both Rockstar and 343 in return for the trouble we have endured gave us free downloads. GTA 5 with its ever-expanding free content and Halo: MCC giving its loyal gamers a free download for Halo: ODST. There are many other companies giving free DLC away due to a flop on launch but for some reason Bungie can't accept its failure, and still continues to hold our wallet hostage. 

Published Jun. 15th 2015
  • SKITZOx916
    I totally agree with this article. It's absolutely BS that those of us who spent money and played Destiny from DAY ONE (I purchased the underwhelming Limited Edition; at least it wasn't the more expensive Ghost Edition) have to spend another $80 to get all the physical and digital content from this new Collector's Edition. Those of us that have been playing already have a copy of the game and expansions 1 & 2 so we do not need this again. But in order to get all the additional content, we have no choice but to pay this (I will not be, however). What happened to rewarding early adopters?! I bought a DAY ONE edition Xbox One @ full price for $500 with NO free game and no choice whether I wanted the underutilized Kinect or not. All I got was a lame controller with "Day One 2013" inscribed in the middle of it and months later the perhaps good but cheap indie game Limbo. I am sick of being nickel and dime'd for making purchases early in the game industry when I'm one of the many supporting these companies and helping to add to their early sales figures. I'm going to start waiting to buy things so I can get better deals, bundles and GOTY editions to get more bang for my buck.

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