Amiibo Mewtwo and Mega Yarn Yoshi release dates revealed

amiibo fever is a sickness that has consumed many Nintendo fans and it's not leaving anytime soon.

For those who still have amiibo fever out there in the US and Europe, two new amiibo have had their release dates announced so get ready for those all-nighters of watching sites such as Amazon and Toys 'R Us for pre-ordering.

Mega Yarn Yoshi, an amiibo like none other, will allow a second Yoshi to appear for you to use in this upcoming new game. Right now, the game is set to release on October 16 here in the states while the game has already release in Europe. Its amiibo will release on November 15 in the states and November 27 in Europe. You can also save any Yoshi you like into this amiibo.

Next up is the Pokemon that everyone wanted and begged for, but no one really uses now: Mewtwo! Mewtwo's amiibo will be releasing in the US and Europe on November 13 and October 23 respectively and will work just like any other amiibo released for Smash Bros.

Will you be buying both of these or are you just going to watch as the chaos begins for these new amiibo?


Published Aug. 24th 2015
  • Larry Iaccio
    Featured Contributor
    I actually just ordered a regular-sized woolly Yoshi Amiibo today. I didn't think I would get caught up in this craze but then I got a Luigi one about 2 weeks ago and fell in love with it.

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