5 YouTubers to Watch for Your Battlefield 1 Fix

Here's some terrific footage to watch in anticipation of Battlefield 1 from YouTube's great gaming community.

Sometimes you can't get enough of a game. Even watching more footage of it just gets you more excited. And with a game like DICE's highly anticipated Battlefield 1, the hype is strong. As the game gets closer and closer to release, the gaming community has made a massive amount of videos about it -- giving opinions, showcasing crazy moments, and offering critiques.

If you're looking for something to satisfy your Battlefield 1 itch, these five YouTubers have you covered.


LevelCapGaming does much more than just Battlefield content, but the series is a large part of the channel. In particular, the LevelCap has been cranking out a lot of Battlefield 1 as of late. Along with helpful guides on the new wrinkles the game adds to the series (as seen in the video above), there are also very helpful critiques and criticisms of the game that'll temper your expectations, as many of the things he has to say really have solid evidence to back them up.


FRANKIEonPC is more focused on showing talented gameplay than other YouTubers, and he's got some very slick videos on how he takes down his opponents. In the video above, he shows off some of the more powerful weapons in the game, and talks balancing issues as well. Overall though, if you want to see someone kicking ass at the game, this is a good channel to watch.


XfactorGaming is really good at giving insight on more of the unique and silly moments that come from Battlefield's emergent gameplay sequences. In the video above, for instance, you can see him shoot a pilot out of their bi-plane, and the body hilariously ragdolls through the air. It's interesting to see how often these moments happen -- they detract from the gritty WWI setting, but man are they cool to watch.


NeebsGaming has a long history with the Battlefield franchise, and they do a lot to make more comedic videos of their work. The video above is of a patriotic leader "Hank" who does it old school -- just like in WWI when no one had HUDs. Hardcore, right? 


The YouTuber "jackfrags" does a lot of things uniquely well. For one, if you want to see the best look at graphics from a game, jackfrags uploads all of his games in 4K resolution, 60 frames per second. His PC rig is beefy enough to get the best picture out of his games, for anyone interested in that. Beyond this, though, jackfrags also gives important technical critiques of all his games, and Battlefield 1 included in that list. 

Who do you watch on YouTube that's excited for Battlefield 1? How does our list fare with your current list of channels? Leave us a comment below, and as always, thanks for reading.

Published Sep. 19th 2016

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