Star Wars Battlefront: The 10 Most Exciting Things We Know So Far

4. The 'Partners' Feature

Another one of the more controversial aspects of Star Wars Battlefront is the move away from squads, bringing about a huge change in what we’re used to when it comes to large, multiplayer games -five player squads being a staple of DICE’s Battlefield series. Instead, squads have been replaced with what’s known as the ‘Partners’ feature.

This new aspect of the game basically allows two players to play together. They are able to see each other on their Heads Up Display and can spawn on each other. One of the interesting things about this feature is that the partners share unlocks. This means if you’re teamed up with a higher level partner, or someone who has a bought a different loadout, then you can have access to their items without having to unlock them yourself.

Published Jun. 9th 2015

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