Watch Dogs Bug Affecting Save Files

Watch Dogs Bug will destroy your chances of loading from any of your save spots.

Watch Dogs recently released for consoles and PC and has gained a large following. Praised by a large majority of players, the game is well made, interesting, and has a great storyline. 

Although there were problems with the PC version, Ubisoft is working on a patch for PC players that will release sometime in the next week. Watch Dogs has broken all the records for a Ubisoft title and for that reason a lot of players are running into a bug that is affecting their save files. 

Frozen Save Files

Players are experiencing the load screen getting to 90 percent and freezing. The bug has no fix although the number of people experiencing this problem is growing steadily according to a forum on Ubisoft's site. The discussion has 176 pages so far as Ubisoft stated they are aware of the problem but did not elaborate on any potential fixes as of late. 

"Issue reported - The team are currently investigating the issue and will update when final fix is in place."

"At present, since the forums are VERY busy, there maybe some delay in posting new items to the thread, though please rest assured, solving your problems and updating you are our main concerns!"

The bug affects your save files rendering them completely useless and leaves you unable to load from those files. Many players have resorted to starting a new game. This looks like a fairly common bug so here's to hoping they will get a fix for this problem soon and make sure to check back for updates! 

Watch Dogs is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U and PC today. 

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Published Jun. 3rd 2014

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