Capcom Working On New Fighting Game

Oh Capcom...I want the best for you, I really do.

Street Fighter series producer, Yoshinori Ono, let loose on Twitter that Capcom is currently working on a brand new fighting game. Ono announced the deets in a post initially advertising that Capcom was looking for a game designer and programmer.

Ono tweeted

Obviously no further details about the game were mentioned, although Ono did give a follow up tweet in response to a fan asking if it would be released for next-generation consoles, Ono tweeted in reply,

Yoshinori Ono confirmed earlier that there are no plans to bring Ultra Street Fighter IV to next-gen consoles, so maybe this mysterious new title is meant to curb appetites in the meantime?

As you can imagine, Ultra Street Fighter IV will introduce new content, five characters, six stages, and other equally flashy tweaks. 

Of course I'm already taking bets on the name of the new Capcom title. I was thinking Super Mega Awesome Street Killer Mega Boob Ultra Shine XIV! Don't even look at me like that, Capcom, we all know how you roll--with DLC coming out the wazoo. I can only hope this new IP also comes with an additional 55 follow-up versions with a few baby updates and a character or two thrown in for lolz sake.

Published Oct. 29th 2013

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