Doom's Honest Game Trailer Is Just Delightful

"The strength to carry every gun in the game at the same time. The fortitude to take a missile to the face and keep fighting."

"Masochism was what video games were about in the 90's." 

Sometimes the whole Honest Game Trailers scene gets one right so well that you forgive them for running on one gimmick for so long. Their trailer for Doom isn't about the new release specifically so much as it's about the entire Doom series as a whole. Rightfully so, it focuses on the original two Doom entries since they represent so much of what made 90's shooters fun...and infuriatingly frustrating. 

"Forcing you to run around humping walls until you find a secret door." Yup, couldn't be more honest.


Published May. 17th 2016
  • Kat De Shields
    Featured Contributor
    lololol Rocket Sans. Get out.
  • AwesumPawsum
    I put a lot of hours into playing DOOM anytime I went to my uncle's house as a kid.

    Unfortunately I never beat the game, but have fond memories- especially of the chainsaw and minigun.

    And you're right- this video is spot-on with just about everything it said.

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