A Link Between Worlds: Empty Bottle Locations

Return to the world of the Super NES classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for a brand new story that bursts to life in glorious 3D.

In A Link Between Worlds Empty Bottles are used for containing such things as fairies, Potions, bees, and milk. A total of 5 Empty Bottles can be bought or found by doing various quests around Hyrule and Lorule.

Below I will list the location where to find these Empty Bottles and the requirements that you will need to successfully obtain those 5 Empty Bottles which really do come in handy. Like the Master Ore pieces these can be found and obtained in any order. The list is no more than a location guide and the order in wich I played through.

Empty Bottle 1

Location: Kakariko Village (Hyrule)

Requirements: 100 Rupees

Purchased from Street Merchant.

Empty Bottle 2

Location: East of Link's House (Hyrule)

Requirements: Zora's Flippers

East of Link's House or Ravio's Shop there is a bridge. From where the House of Gales is located, Link can swim to the north and will eventually read the area underneath the bridge. The Bird Lover will give Link the bottle.

Empty Bottle 3

Location: Death Mountain(Hyrule)

Requirements: Zora's Flippers, Hookshot

Just east of the House of Gales within Lake Hylia, Link will find a bottle with a message in it. A man has become stranded on Death Mountain and asks forPremium Milk from the Milk Bar in Kakariko Village.

After entering the Milk Bar, Link can speak with the owner in order to receive a bottle filled with Premium Milk.

Travel to the area just outside of the Tower of Hera and head eastward. There is a bridge that can be crossed using the Hookshot. Continue eastward and enter the cave that has a sign leading to Rosso's Ore Mine.

Carefully drop down the moving platforms until you reach the large central platform within this lava cave. There are three walls on each of the sides of this platform. Merge along the wall to the south and wait for the moving platform to appear. Follow this platform until you come to a formation of three platforms at once. Use the moving platform on the far left and ride it until you reach a point where you can exit the cave.

Once you are outside, merge along the wall to reach the man to the right. Give him the Premium Milk and he will drink it. He'll thank you and will allow you to keep the empty bottle.

Empty Bottle 4 

Location: Vacant House (Lorule)

Requirements: Bombs

The Vacant House is located in the central part of Lorule, just south of LoruleCastle. It corresponds to Link's House or Ravio's Shop in Hyrule. Place a bomb along the northern wall, just outside the house to blast open the crack in the wall. Walk inside to find a bottle inside the treasure chest.

Empty Bottle 5

Location: Great Fairy Pond (Lorule)

Requirements: 3000 Rupees

Just to the northwest of the Bombflower Shop in Lorule, Link will find a large cracked boulder. Blow it up using a bomb flower to find the Great Fairy Pond. Donate a total of 3000 rupees to earn the bottle.

At the start like I said these can be done in any order and was just the way I chose to go, so feel free to explore both Hyrule and Lorule as you see fit. I hope this go's some way in helping any of you that are still searching. Enjoy.

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Published May. 30th 2014

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