Dawngate: Open Beta this Friday, Sign up now!

Time to try something new people. Fresh MOBA, fresh players, fresh tactics, fresh everything.

I am sure you've heard of Dawngate by now.

What, you haven't? Even after Gameskinny put two new articles up for you just last week? Oh, well, sure, I'll update you.

EA, still on the world's crap list as worst publisher of all time (not entirely faultless, but that's an argument for another time), is trying their hands on a different genre - the illusive MOBA. Dawngate is a take on the whole five people per team with towers to beat with a rather interesting idea: they are styling it with far more RTS additions to coincide with the game's action battle system.

In English, you say?

Okay, so the game will have a mechanic other than killing minions of a controllable spot that generates money over time. It will also have the possibly of certain buffed minions, based on what enemy tower is destroyed, who will help move the wave forward to the next tower with very little trouble. Think of Monday Night Combat's Jackbot, but with a key stuck in his chest. Towers themselves will have a respawn mechanic similar to the Nexus in League of Legends with a visible timer shown by a slowly growing line.


What, better English?


Alright, it's a MOBA with interesting 'comeback' mechanics that may keep a team from being steam rolled when they have a terrible start up. Also it may be easier to pick up as it seems to be less punishing, but no news about its leveling system is out yet.

What, even simpler? Fine! It's DOTA with Starcraft 2 mechanics in it and it looks like WoW. Geez. Hell, here's a bonus video explaining it more. Happy?

The point of this article, of course, was just to inform you and everyone else in the world, that the game enters its Beta on Friday, and if you want to get in on some MOBA action, you better sign up as soon as possible. They accept Origin log-ins on the website, and you have to answer a short questionnaire, but it's pretty damn simple. You have no reason not to at the very least try it out, and it can't be worse than Rise of the Immortals anyway, right?

Sign up for this baby here!

Published May. 21st 2013
  • Vortex_6071
    It is still in closed beta, April 24
  • Curtis_2150
    the game has been in closed beta since may 24th not open beta
  • IronToBind
    Nexus/ Inhibitor* Anyway looks really cool, im hoping waystone pulls this one through as at least decent but... you know..... EA

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