Magic the Gathering: 11 Most Expensive War of the Spark Cards

Teferi, Time Raveler

  • Current price: $14.67

Teferi's passive ability is going to ruin many control match-ups, as it virtually stops all counters being cast. It will have a huge impact on all formats, which should make this planeswalker one of the most sought out on the market right now.

It is already priced fairly high, but there is no doubt that it will grow even higher, as more expensive formats like Legacy and Vintage may heavily rely on this card in the future.

As for its active abilities, then it doesn't really compare to Teferi from Dominaria, but you can use them to draw an extra card every other turn, and maybe even replay something like Snapcaster Mage. But other than that this card is all about that passive.

Published Apr. 25th 2019

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