Record Keeper Finally Gets Social

The latest update from DeNA's Final Fantasy Record Keeper brings a slew of new features.including quests, party optimization, and a new level cap.

For mobile fans, Final Fantasy Record Keeper got a massive update early this morning, bringing with it a ton of new features. Record Keeper is free-to-play roleplaying game developed by DeNA and published by Square Enix. Players create parties of their favorite Final Fantasy characters, and battle through classic dungeons while taking on iconic monsters in glorious 8-bit.

Up until this point, the game has been a mostly single-player experience; however, with the new Roaming Warriors feature, players will be able to summon the fighters from other Record Keeper holders and use their soul breaks.

If you happen to like a certain player's character, then you can follow that player and use them again. This new feature is completely free to use, and if another player summons one of your characters, then you earn gil. The only drawback is that you can only use this feature twice per dungeon and twice a day.

Quests were also introduced to give players extra objectives when completing dungeons and leveling characters. Players can accept up to five at a time for extra rewards, like mythril and growth eggs. In addition to this, players can now look at boss information and optimize their party's equipment before entering dungeons.

The event dungeons also got a major over-haul as they expanded what ability orbs will be available each day. Record Keeper also introduced a new level cap of 65 that is achieved by acquiring a character's memory crystal. Once obtained, characters will be able to equip Record Materia for various effects in battle.

Other small changes include character balances, the ability to change your name, profile searches, and other quality of life changes. As the game continues to grow, DeNA has announced that it will be introducing new classic dungeons and characters in future updates.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper can be found here, and for more information on the game - including guides, character rankings, and a bestiary - can be found here.


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Published Feb. 8th 2018

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