Lightning Returns Guide: Canvas Of Prayers Checklist (Luxerion)

A checklist of all the Canvas of Prayers quests in Luxerion.

In this checklist, I'll cover all the Luxerion specific Canvas of Prayers quests. These quests don't give Eradia, just stat boosts, gil, and items. Before you can start Canvas of Prayers quests you must do the quest An Evil Savior.

The Checklist:

Here is the checklist in table form. In the fist column I'll have the name and a 1, 2, or 3 to mark the difficulty. Second Column is how to unlock the quest. Third column is the items needed to complete the quest. The fourth column is rewards, there will be an H, S, M, G, and I next to the specific Health, Strength, Magic, Gil, and Items rewarded.

Name/DifficultyRequirementsItem Turn InsRewards
Revenge Is Sweet (1) An Evil Savior (Story) Niblet Hairball X6 (Niblet) 10(H), 1(S), 80(G), Cute Heart (I)
Gift Of Gratitude (1) An Evil Savior (Story) Tattered Leather X8 (Gremlin) 10(H), 1(M), 120(G), Rangda Crest and Leyak Crest(I)
Inventive Seamstress (1) An Evil Savior (Story) Liquid Glass X3 (Meonektons) 10(H), 1(S), 1(M), 200(G), Noonblue Butterfly(I)
Trapped (3) Gift Of Gratitude (Canvas) Niblet Hairball X60 (Niblet) Tattered Leather X80 (Gremlin) 40(H), 2(S), 5(M), 1,800(G), Tinkling Bell, Crystal Feather, and Ether(I)
A Song For God (1) Day 3 Demon Spicule X3 (Gaunt) 10(H), 1(S), 180(G), Snowy Spirit Wings, Masquerade Mask(I)
Slay The Machine (1) Day 3 Motor Coil X5 (Gertrude) 10(H), 1(S), 150(G), Celebrity's Charm(I)
Mythical Badge (1) Day 3 Proof of Legendary Title (donate gil to a Cleric) 10(H), 1(S), 1(M), 2,000(G), Orange Bow Tie, Crest of Pulse(I)
Grave Of A Bounty Hunter (2) Day 5 Stormdragon Down (Zomok) 20(H), 2(S), 1(M), 800(G), Blue Feather Pin, Gaddot's Black Emblem(I)
Puppeteer's Lament (2) Day 5 Quality Machine Oil (Dreadnought) 20(H), 2(S), 1(M), 700(G), Blue Propeller, Shooting Star(I)
Revenge Has Teeth (2) Day 5 Chipped Fang X10 (Gorgonnopsid) 20(H), 2(S), 500(G), Guardian Corps Badge(I)
Enchanted Brush (3) A Song For God and Grave Of A Bouty Hunter (Canvas) Demon Spicule X10 (Guant) Stormdragon Down X8 (Zomok) 30(H), 2(S), 4(M), 1,400(G), Lady's Brooch, Strawberry Ice Cream(I)
Night Patrol (3) Slay The Machine and Revenge Has Teeth (Canvas) Chipped Fang X10 (Gorgonopsid) Motor Coil X15 (Gertrude) 30(H), 4(S), 2(M), 1,200(G), Replica Pilot's Badge, Training Badge(I)
Heretics' Beasts (3) Inventive Seamstress and Puppeteer's Lament (Canvas) Quality Machine Oil X5 (Dreadnought) Liquid Glass X10 (Meonekton) 30(H), 4(S), 2(M), 1,300(G), Warning Beacon, Gentleman's Beard(I)


Total Stat and Gil Reward:

  • 250 Health
  • 23 Strength
  • 18 Magic
  • 10,430 Gil


Several of the monsters that drop required items are found in multiple locations. If you don't complete some of these as you collect them it's not a huge deal. Ether is an incredibly rare item that takes up a recovery item slot, don't complete Trapped right away. This prevents the item getting used or trashed when you may need it later.

This wraps up the Luxerion checklist for Canvas of Prayers side-quests. For more guides, check out my Lightning Returns directory.

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Published Feb. 17th 2014

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