SteamWorld Heist release date revealed

Image & Form have announced the release date for the turn-based strategy sequel to SteamWorld Dig!

Mark your calendars, folks -- Image & Form has announced the release date for its 3DS title SteamWorld Heist. And it's sooner than you think!

SteamWorld Heist will be coming to Europe and America on December 10th -- that's next Thursday! Great news for fans of the first game, SteamWorld Dig. Image & Form is running a nice incentive for players who snatch up a copy of the game quickly too; normally priced at £14.99/$19.99/€19.99, you can get it for £11.99/$16.99/€16.99 until December 31st. 

"SteamWorld Dig costs $9.99. SteamWorld Heist is 10 times bigger and better than Dig. Ergo: you're getting 5 times the value."

SteamWorld Heist, a turn-based strategy game, is worlds away from its predecessor, SteamWorld DigSteamWorld Dig was somewhat of a mixed bag in terms of genre! It encompassed RPG elements and some strategy, but predominantly was a platforming adventure.

Something the two games share is the quirky art style and memorable characters. SteamWorld Heist will be released for 3DS as an eShop only purchase; when you buy the game you will also receive an exclusive home theme. Check out the gameplay trailer below!

Published Dec. 2nd 2015

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