Bravely Default 2 Quest Log: Is There a Way to Track Completed Quests?

Bravely Default 2's quest log leaves some important bits missing, but we've got some tips to help you find them all anyway.

Bravely Default 2 throws a wagonload of quests at you from the start, and the natural question is whether Bravely Default 2 has a quest log to keep track of it all, especially completed quests.

The answer isn’t quite so straightforward, as there’s no clear way to tell when you’ve missed a quest. There is one way to manage your existing quests, though, and we’ve got some tips to help make sure you never miss a one.

Bravely Default 2 Quest Log

Bravely Default 2’s quest log lives under the Travelogue in the main menu. Open that, and you’ll see brief quest descriptions for each active quest plus map markers pointing you in the right direction.

You can also toggle the view to list the quests out instead, sans the map markers.

The Travelogue provides an event theater to view quest events. However, they aren’t numbered, which means there’s no way of telling when you miss a quest unless you keep track of every quest number when you first begin it.

Tips for Finding All Bravely Default 2 Quests 

Bravely Default 2 adds new quests almost all the time, but there are some simple ways to make sure you don’t miss any.

You’ll typically get new quests after a plot event occurs, so it’s worth taking a panoramic view of the town you’re in (stand still and press the right stick in) to display any new quest markers that popped up. These story events happen frequently, but Bravely Default 2’s towns are few and small enough where checking won’t take up much time.

Some quests appear on the world map from other NPC travelers, and while hunting these down is a bit more time-consuming, it’s usually worth your while.

Many of Bravely Default 2’s quests are exclusive to either in-game day or night, so make sure to check back at different times of day as well. The same goes for the world map.

Finally, don’t forget to re-visit regions and towns you’ve already cleared because new quests regularly appear there as well when the story progresses. For that, using the free caravan at the entrance of each town to fast travel back to areas you’ve already visited is a must.

Are Bravely Default2’s Quests Worth It?

Bravely Default 2’s quests are definitely worth the time for the most part, though not always because they’re vital to the story. Like its predecessor, this RPG doesn’t exactly dish out Pg (money) left and right. Earning extra cash or obtaining attack and recovery items you don’t have to buy yourself is always a bonus.

You’ll also run into a few quests that pit you against stronger monsters. It’s a handy way of gaining extra JP without grinding, especially if you get the Underdog bonus for under-leveled jobs.

Whether 100%-ing the game and completing every quest is worth it is really just a matter of preference. The only two quests that offer rewards you don't want to miss are the Gambler job quest in Savalon (chapter one) and the Salve-Maker quest in Enderno (chapter three).

That’s all you need to know about Bravely Default 2’s quest log, but stay tuned for more guides in the coming days.


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Published Mar. 3rd 2021

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