Reasons to Play and Not Play LOTRO (Ignore the last part, play this!)

Why you should play LOTRO. Do it!

Good afternoon everyone!  First of all let me tell you that I should be working... But I'ma write this anyway! Eheh....

 So reasons to play LOTRO are:

  • It's awesome
  • Awesomeness level in there is over 99,999,999 thousands
  • Good graphics... not in the below level 50 areas ;)
  • A great story! (That can get boring some times...)
  • If you play in my server you will sure be laughing a lot of times, ahah!

But there are some reasons to not play LOTRO, one of them bring the enormous lag. I know... this should keep many players off this game, but don't worry... it's not on every computer, nor every internet connection... It's pretty much on the bad ones!

But now a bit serious... I recommend this game to anyone who likes this type of game!
 On a scale of 1 to 10, I would vote 8.5. Totaly worth it... but if you don't have the time nor patience, or the money to spend in this game, then you won't be able to pass level 35.

But if you do have them, then go for this game! Play it! And with the latest update (still not in live servers), a lot of new builds are being added in end-game! Plus enormous class revamps in the next expansion! Helm Deep! According to Turbine, you will be able to go to the fight at level 10! Sound very interesting, hen?

Well I don't have anything more to say, so good luck guys and if you play come over to the Dwarrodelf server and send a mail to Elvarid! See ya all ingame!

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Why you should play LOTRO. Do it!


Published May. 1st 2013

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