Top 10 Worst Reviewed Games of 2015

5. Giana Sisters: Dream Runners

Metacritic Score: 32 (User Score: 6.9)

The failure of this game came as a surprise to me, because I genuinely enjoyed the first instalment, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. In the first game you play as two sisters, one whose story takes place in the real world, and the others in a nightmare world. It was a fun concept and made you switch between the two while platforming to get higher and further in the levels. Twisted Dreams was a good game and a very under-appreciated 2D platformer.

Dream Runners, on the other hand, adds in two more sisters and tries to put an emphasis on speed-running. This sounds like a decent enough update on the previous game, but Dream Runners is riddled with bugs, has poor level design, a terrible camera, and can be finished in just a few hours with no real replay value. In short, this is a big disappointment, especially when compared with the great Giana Sisters come back, Twisted Dreams.

A promising concept is steamrollered in a game that doesn't really work as a platformer and breaks down entirely as a racer. We'd rather be kicked in the shins for eight hours than play this again.

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Published Dec. 30th 2015

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