Michael Forgey, Executive Producer at Monolith Games, passes away

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor developer passes away from battle with cancer.

The gaming industry has lost yet another great player to cancer. Michael Forgey, executive producer at Monolith games, passed away Thursday, March 3rd after a long battle with brain cancer.

In May of last year, Mike visited the doctor for a simple migraine, but was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare and highly aggressive form of brain cancer. After being rushed into surgery, doctors discovered that his primary tumor was inoperable.

Forgey underwent several experimental procedures and even saw improvement with doctors noting a reduction in tumor size before his sudden passing. Through the use of a YouCaring campaign, Mike's family managed to raise over $127,000 from 625 donors to cover the costs of treatment, therapy, and other family expenses.

Michael is responsible for several blockbuster video games including, but not limited to: Middle Earth: Shadow of MordorGears of War I II, and Fable. He will be sorely missed in the community.



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Published Jun. 18th 2020

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