4 Reasons You Should Be Playing F2P Shooter Drawn to Death

The Characters

Just look at them. They're so beautiful -- and awesome. 

So first off, Cyborgula is a cyborg vampire. Yep. You read that right. Oh, and he can split his head open to fire blood-seeking missiles.

Tijuana is a demon cowgirl who can throw flaming skulls and uses a gun powered by prayers of the damned.

Johnny is a punk rocker who can play guitar so well it summons the Devil.

Bronco is a stealthy soldier who can summon the undead souls of his fallen comrades.

Alan is a mostly naked man wearing a mascot mouse head who wields a chainsaw and can turn invisible.

Honestly, these are some of the most unique characters in any shooter right now. The developers have really gone all out to make something memorable and intriguing, something other shooters could seriously take note of.  

And last but not least, is Ninjaw. She is literally an anthropomorphic shark-woman-ninja who wields an anchor and summons other sharks.

If this isn't the most bizarre cast of characters you've ever seen, you've probably been scarred for life by the things you've seen. 

Published Apr. 15th 2017

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