4 Reasons You Should Be Playing F2P Shooter Drawn to Death


The gameplay mechanics are both simple and nuanced. It plays as a traditional third-person shooter, but each character has different stats and their own respective abilities, weapons, strengths, and weaknesses.

Take Alan for example. This chainsaw-toting psycho heals on his own over time, but cannot pick up health like other characters can. His invisibility doesn't work on Cyborgula but his melee damage is especially powerful against the vampire.

Every character has checks and balances to other characters, which keep the game fun and fair. Even the abilities, as outlandish and over the top as they are, have avoided becoming overpowered.

Johnny's Devil Riff wrecks enemies -- if they get caught -- unless it's Diabla, who can absorb his demonic energy. Bronco remains invisible to Ninjaw at low health -- which no one else can do -- but also drops health for her if hit by her Spirit of the Sea sharks.

It's a great order within the chaos.

Published Apr. 15th 2017

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