Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Image Shows Haunting News

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 teaser image shows more than we think. Be prepared to get your mind blown.

Checking up on Scott Cathon's developement of the ingenious game Five Night at Freddy's shows a disturbing image on his website of what looks to be animatronics in a box with a big 3 on top. We're definitely teased of the 3rd installment of the series but what does Scott have in store for us this time?

Freddy Loves Easter Eggs 

When saving the image, the title is automatically saved as "whatcanweuse.jpeg" which leads us to believe the animatronics are being used to make new terrors for the 3rd installment. According to a source, the last image Scott put on the site read  "I am still here" implying Fazbear Pizza closing down is not stopping the nightmarish story from ending.

What is even more horrifying about this image, is by adjusting the light something else is made horribly visible. Is that Golden Freddy?

Throughout the entire series, this Golden Freddy has been the character to instill the most panic in players - when he shows up, the game will actually crash and close. His involvement leads us to be believe he might be terrorizing us a bit more in the next installment and perhaps making his presence the pivotal aspect of the next story. To which this means our questions would be answered or we will fall deep into the twisted rabbit hole, is up to the mercy of the developer Scott Cathon.


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Published Jan. 19th 2015

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