10 Reasons Why Star Citizen Will Blow You Away

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1. The Space Simulation

Above all else, Star Citizen is a space simulator; so if this part of the game wasn’t the best the genre’s ever seen, then it would struggle. Luckily, it’s shaping up to be the most beautiful, most realistic, most immersive space sim ever made.

With the power of today’s modern PCs, Roberts has finally managed to make the game he always wanted. You actually feel like you’re deep in space, rather than merely playing a video game and getting that slightly disconnected feeling. Add to this the sheer number of ships available, the stunning physics/damage engine, and of course the sheer beauty of the universe, and you have the game which anyone who played Wing Commander all those years ago always wished for.

It’s not only the way Star Citizen looks and its freedom to do or go wherever you please, but it’s the promise of being able to experience the result of one man’s dream to create a truly open-ended universe, where anything really is possible. Become the greatest pilot, the deadliest pirate, build your own mining company, become a ship racing champion, an explorer, a smuggler, a sports star, make your name in this universe whichever way you wish. 

Published Mar. 16th 2015

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