Masahiro Sakurai Explains the Difference Between Marth and Lucina in Super Smash Bros.

Masahiro Sakurai explains why Lucina gets her own spot in the Smash Bros. roster despite being similar to Marth

Recently Nintendo revealed two more playable characters for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles: Lucina and Robin from the Fire Emblem series (you can read about Robin here). While we were unsure on how exactly these characters will play, game director Masahiro Sakurai explained Lucina's similarities to Smash Bros. veteran, Marth.

While we do know that Lucina is a sword-wielding fighter, Sakurai has expanded on how she will battle against some of Nintendo's finest:

"Her physical abilities are identical to Marth's--it must be in her D.N.A. However, where Marth's power is concentrated in the tip of the sword, Lucina's attack strength is balanced throughout the weapon, which might make her easier to control. She's also a little bit shorter than Marth."

While Lucina seems like an alternative version of Marth, she has her own spot on the Smash Bros. roster. Sakurai explains:

"With the Wii Fit Trainers, the male and female Robins, the Villagers, and Little Mac, varying their appearances and voices works just like selecting alternate color variations. However, whenever there is even a small difference in abilities, that character gets an actual roster slot. That is why you can select Lucina individually."

Sakurai also points out something about Lucina that many may have not noticed:

"By the way…there's probably no chance you'll be able to see this in the game, but Lucina has the mark of Naga in her left eye."

It's been mentioned before that Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS would not have clones. Thus, I feel that Lucina will be different enough from Marth in order to earn herself a spot on the roster. As long as she is a fun character to play, it will not matter much to me. I never liked Marth much, so hopefully Lucina will be enough of a unique character for me to enjoy. We will  see when Super Smash Bros. releases later this year.

Super Smash Bros. releases on the 3DS on October 3rd. The Wii U version will follow this coming winter.

What do you think about Lucina  being a playable character? Who else do you want to see as a playable character? Sound off below

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Published Jul. 16th 2014

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