Pac-Man Museum Coming to PlayStation Network

Pac-Man Museum comes to PlayStation Network and will give you a chance to get a free copy of Ms. Pac-Man!

Everyone's favorite yellow eating machine is coming soon to the PlayStation Network! Pac-Man Museum will be compiling some of our old-favorites starring Pac-Man of course. 

Includes tons of titles!

The title will include versions such as Pac-ManSuper Pac-ManPac-LandPac & PalPac-ManiaPac-AttackPac-Man Remix and Pac-Man Battle Royale. For those PC players who want a bonus, ordering through Steam will get you a free copy of Pac-Man: Championship Edition.

Free copy of Ms. Pac-Man

But don't worry, no matter which platform you buy the game from you will be able to own a copy of one of the most successful arcade games ever created. If you purchase the game between February 25th and March 31st you will receive a free copy of Ms. Pac-Man! If you don't buy it within that time frame the DLC goes up to its everyday price tag of $5.

Pac-Man Museum is due to release on February 25th. Get your copy as soon as it hits the PlayStation Network!

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Published Jan. 30th 2014

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