What Game Changed Your Life for the Better?

Who shall sit on the video games of thrones in my heart? let's run down the contestants.....

Being a gamer for pretty much my entire life, I have run into so many people from all over the video gaming community. One how the question that comes up almost all the time is "What is your favorite game of all time?"

I always get stuck on this question because I find it slightly offensive for someone to ask me this. How am I suppose narrow down to my favorite game of all time, when I have played almost every video game genre known to man (except for card based games, if I did that I would have to take a long hot shower to wash of the shame).

Any gamer worth their controller are the same as me exploring all avenues of gaming. How can we be expected to be pigeonhole to selecting just one game?

As I said before, I always become stuck on this G.O.A.T. question. Well this weekend I sat and thought about it and came up with an answer:


Now, I know what you’re thinking, "how did I come up with that answer?" Well I been sharing my love of gaming with 2 of my older children, my son Ellis 7 and my daughter Gabby 5. One day they both ran into my room and begged me to buy them Skylanders: Giants. After a few days of “Daddy can we have it?" I finally broke down and brought home for them one weekend. I didn't expect much, thought they would play with it once or twice then it would gather dust or I would have to play it myself to get some value out of it.

To my surprise, the game was actually fun and my kids were actually good at it. My daughter seems to have a knack for solving the puzzles in the game fairly quickly. From then on it became a family project to beat the game, get the characters and level them up. I had more fun watching my kids playing then I ever had playing any game before. This is the game that changed my life for the better and is in my book the greatest of all time.


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Published Sep. 30th 2014

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