5 Obscure Platformers You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Kameo: Elements of Power

Okay, I know I might get some flak for this choice, but hear me out; the Xbox 360 launch title from Rare is nowhere near as awful as its reputation would suggest it is, much like I would defend Yooka-Laylee from the same short-sighted conjecture.

Kameo: Elements of Power does everything it can to evolve the trappings of the genre, often leading to the game showcasing some of its beat qualities that it has to offer, but unfortunately in its conceit, striving to be too different leads to some half-baked ideas. Notice that I said half-baked, and not broken, that’s because the game is just a little rough around the edges at worst, and endearingly charming at best. Taking on the role of ten different transformations, each form will grant the elven princess abilities that are significant to the particular puzzles that hide elemental fruits. These prized objects can be used as currency to upgrade the powers and abilities of Kameo’s forms, which will come in handy for the later more advanced puzzles that reward, you guessed it -- more elemental fruit.

The game is packaged in with Rare Replay collection on Xbox One, and its one that I think won’t get the right amount of attention that it deserves.

Published Apr. 16th 2017

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