Ten Oculus Rift Games All Oculus Owners Must Play

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AirMech: Command

By: Carbon Games | $24.99 | Oculus Store

Just to keep things shaken up, here's another recommended Oculus Rift game that isn't from the first-person perspective.

AirMech: Command is a real-time strategy game played from the perspective of a typical RTS game, but now the camera is controlled with the players head. It makes looking back and forth from different battles and bases easier. The defining concept is where the player is watching from: Their Airmech. It's the ultimate war machine that can be used in-game to turn the tide of battle, but during regular combat, it's the perch from which the player watches and commands the battle. 

There are nine Airmechs to control that have varying abilities, allowing different types of gameplay -- shaking up the misconception that virtual reality games can't offer variation.

Published Jan. 1st 2017

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