Ten Oculus Rift Games All Oculus Owners Must Play


By: Superhot | $22.49 | Oculus Store

Man, Superhot is awesome. It originally released as a non-VR title, but has since released to virtual reality. It genuinely feels like it was meant to be a VR title the whole time.

Superhot is a title that questions what's real. The story puts a computer hacker into the chair of a computer before pulling them into a simulation that feels a little too real... Is it real? Or is technology just playing tricks on us?

The world only moves forward when they player moves, making them able to guess everyone's moves and plan accordingly. But remember, one shot is enough to kill you. Health doesn't regenerate, ammo is limited to what's in the magazine, and way too many enemies to plan out a strategy in one go. Good thing restarts are instantaneous. 

Published Jan. 1st 2017

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