Ten Oculus Rift Games All Oculus Owners Must Play

The Gallery: Call of The Starseed

By: Cloudhead Games | $14.99 | Oculus Store

This game is its own special kind of game. It's not a first-person shooter, but it's also not a walking simulator. It's somewhere in the middle, solving environmental puzzles to progress.

The game draws inspiration from 80's fantasy films and places the hero in a world where he must find his sister through a strange journey and a constant "sinister presence" according to the Steam description. From the Steam page, one can see that The Gallery started as a HTC Vive game, but has recently come to the Oculus Rift as well. It was a bestseller for the Vive, and it can only be predicted to see the same success on the Oculus.

Published Jan. 1st 2017

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