Champion-Themed Ward Skins Available Now for League of Legends

Champion-themed ward skins are available now in League of Legends's in-game client.

The last few holiday events run by Riot Games for League of Legends have included the new addition of skins for the wards placed during game.  While obviously not as involved as actual champion skins, the ward skins were popular enough to prompt Riot to work toward a more permanent version.

Which brings us to the present day.

Available now in the store of the game client, summoners can purchase permanent ward skins to take on to the Fields of Justice.  There are three versions to choose from at the price of 640 riot points apiece, or summoners can buy all three for a combined cost of 1632 RP.

The three designs are each based on different champions in the League of Legends.  Lux appears to have donated her wand to light up un-seen areas.  Soraka's harnessed a bit of her crescent moon to much the same effect.  Draven, of course, simply lights up the map with his own smiling face.

Pick up the skins to show your support for the champions and for Riot itself.  If these sell at least reasonably, it seems almost certain we will see more in the near future.

Published Oct. 1st 2013

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