Fatal Frame Developer Focuses on Wet Clothes, Chest Wobble in Character Design

Fatal Frame V includes a character from the Dead or Alive series with all of her sexiness.

One character is making the jump from the Dead or Alive series to Fatal Frame V: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden, and naturally the focus on the character design is what has made the former such a success.

In a translated interview through Famitsu (via NeoGAF), it's revealed that Ayane from DOA is a playable character in the series. She's unique from the other three main characters. While she can't destroy monsters herself, she's used to sneak around areas and shine a special light that knocks back opponents while she escapes.

There's also something else that's unique. Her transition from the DOA series is near perfect as they included sexy details in the interview. First was the discussion of creating "seethrough" wet clothes.

The interviewer brings up how the clothes go seethrough when they get wet. Shibata laughs, because it's something he wanted to do. Kikuchi says their clothes were designed to make them look sexy when wet.

If that wasn't enough, the developer admitted that they worked closely with Team Ninja to make Ayane as sexy as possible. That includes making sure that she has ample chest wobble to attract the perverts everywhere.

Since it's DoA, they've naturally made sure to bring out her beauty and sexiness. They spent a lot of time adjusting things like the wobble of her chest. Team Ninja gave them lots of advice.

It's interesting that a horror game is including a DOA character, but truth be told -- it's actually a perfect fit. A number of slasher films out there include sex, nudity, and the like. It's a combination that's been stirred together multiple times and continues to be done. There's nothing wrong with including it in a video game as well.

Here's an example of Ayane in Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (via FanPop). A spinoff of the DOA franchise in a beach volleyball game is complete fan service, and those elements have been added in the latest Fatal Frame.

Some gamers will be turned off by this focus or inclusion, but considering what market they are aiming toward, it's a great fit. And those that love the DOA franchise now have an interest in the title where beforehand most wouldn't have.

Of course, fans that are waiting for a North American release will be sad to learn that the Wii U exclusive Fatal Frame V, developed by Tecmo Koei and published by Nintendo, is only going to be released in Japan.

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Published Oct. 1st 2014
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    ...just because certain horror movies and slasher flicks do similar things doesn't make it tasteful or appropriate. In fact, this makes it a lot harder to take the game seriously as a whole.

    I seem to remember Fatal Frame being a popular series for a distinctive J-Horror focus combined with unique gameplay ideas. Jiggling breasts was never part of the focus before now, unless I've been grossly misinformed.
  • Brian Spaen
    Featured Correspondent
    Never did I say it was appropriate, but I also never said a certain number of horror movies did it -- a lot of them do. Take a look at the majority of horror films available to watch. There's a lot great ones, but there's a lot of B-rated material that sells out for perverted material.

    Clearly sex sells in the horror genre. And just like any other horror series, they may start off really intriguing and unique. But as the sequels pile up, the quality starts to fall off as well.

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